• School Toilet Cubicles

  • 4 Major Things To Take Note Of When Acquiring School Toilet Cubicles

    It is a costly and time-consuming task to build new school toilet cubicles or upgrade existing ones. For such reason, it is imperative to ensure that you pick the right choices. This would not just let you avoid wasting a lot of cash and valuable time. However, this can also help you build relaxing and risk-free bathrooms for the students.


    When it is time to purchase the suitable school toilet cubicles, you should determine which factors to take into account. These might vary based on the age bracket of the students who'll be using it or your preferred supplier. For you to easily find the appropriate toilet cubicles to obtain, the following are a few important matters that you must consider.


    1. Safety

    Exactly like with any facility in the school, bathrooms need to be assured safe to avoid students from getting injured. With that being said, check on the selection of materials that the cubicles are made of. Are they protected from moisture and chemical? Are they eco-friendly and won’t harm the kids? Besides this, don’t fail to look at the securing or door joint safe system that the school toilet cubicles offers. Find out if there emergency release locks, and anti-finger trap hinges in them.

    2. Durability

    It is known that a lot of students run away to the bathroom frequently. With that in mind, water fights in bathrooms should be expected and could happen anytime. Moreover, the doors of the cubicles would be slammed close every now and then. Thus, for such situations, it is essential to purchase toilet cubicles that are impact or moisture resistant.


    It will be far better to talk to the sellers at once to easily determine if the cubicles used high standard and robust materials. This will then give you an idea if cubicles can really withstand everyday use as well as deterioration.

    3. Privacy

    Occasionally, washrooms can be a haven for bullying and negative behaviour. That's the reason why it is essential to create a secured or private space for the students who will always utilise it. Therefore, make sure to take note of the grade level or age of the students when searching for the appropriate cubicle door height. Are you getting a low-level or ceiling height cubicles? In any case, take the time to think which will stop misconduct and provide utmost confidence and privacy to the users.

    4. Aesthetics

    Without a doubt, you have to ensure that the toilet cubicles you will be setting up are aesthetically pleasing or can create a positive bathroom experience. If you are building a washroom for young students, it is advised to go for vibrant and bold colours or light shades, making the bathroom more welcoming. Alternatively, dark cubicle colours will work well for junior to senior students since these are much more formal.


    These are several things to take into account when acquiring school toilet cubicles. By considering the points explained above, you can certainly create ideal and comfortable school bathrooms.